Mrs. Good Choice is on the Road to Help Children of all Ages

Mrs. Good Choice is a former public school principal who has spent her life teaching children to make wise choices.  She wants to help YOU!


Grandparents, parents, principals, teachers, librarians, youth pastors, day care directors, and others, are you searching for fun, interactive, moral based programs and books for your children?  Then you came to the right place.  The Mrs. Good Choice Series and The ABC’s of Making Good Choices can be found at  Contact author, Dawn Young, at if you would like to set up a Children’s Program and visit from Mrs. Good Choice, herself.

My ultimate goal is to help the youth of today, learn how to make good choices that can last them a life time. Our world  is jam packed with outside influences that can change a child’s values in the blink of an eye. It is our job as adults, to teach children the meaning of moral character traits and coping skills to help them grow into productive adults.

If you Need Free HELP or advice of any kind dealing with your children, please contact me at  I am here to serve!  No Question is a Dumb Question!

If your child needs help with moral advice or how to handle certain situations, allow them to write to Mrs. Good Choice.  Many times children will talk or write their thoughts to someone other then their guardian.  They may write to me at the same email.   I love hearing from children!  Expect a response in a timely manner.

Here to Serve & Blessings until next time!

Dawn Young

Dawn Young


Home School Parents are Respected by Mrs. Good Choice


This past weekend I attended a fabulous conference, Educating for Success, in Huntsville, AL..  I am so impressed with the numerous Home School parents and children I met.  It was apparent to feel a true sense of love for; God, family, and learning, from all of the wonderful people I was fortunate to meet.

When parents are involved in what their children are interested in learning, the outcome is AMAZING!  I met nine and ten year old children with business cards of their own. Every child I talked with, from pre school age to late teens, showed the up most respect. They all had phenomenal communication skills and were eager to talk to me.

I met families from all over the United States.  My heart is full of RESPECT for the thousands of Home School Families that have their priorities straight.  Thank you for all that you do!  You deserve a big pat on the back!

Blessings until next time.


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Mrs. Good Choice teaches that CHOICES MATTER!


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Saw this quote and loved it!   It says it all in some very powerful words;

Everything you do is based on the CHOICES you make.  It’s not your parents, your past relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, an argument or your age that is to blame.      YOU and only YOU are responsible for every decision and CHOICE YOU make. PERIOD

As parents, guardians, and educators, we need to teach young children the meaning of  Making Good Choices.  It is our responsibility to expect good behavior from today’s children.  However, we have to teach them the process of making choices.

When your young child makes a mistake or bad choice, take the time to stop and discuss the situation with them.  Ask things like; What if? or  How could things have been done differently?  What would have been a better choice?  Your child will surprise you with their answers.  Children are smarter than we give them credit.

Our biggest challenge in teaching the process of Making Good Choices is to set an example and model the process ourselves in all that we do.  Actions speak louder than words.  Little eyes are watching!

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Mrs. Good Choice says, “Expose your young children to as much vocabulary as possible.”




Research shows that many school age children enter school today without the early learning skills they need.  According to Children’s Defense Fund, children from low income households enter school with one -fourth the vocabulary of  students from  middle class households.  By the time a child of middle class enters first grade they are exposed to about a 20,000 word vocabulary.  Low income students about 5,000 vocabulary word exposure.  Quite a difference.

As parents and educators it is our job to teach vocabulary in every lesson we teach children.  That is how children learn.  How many times have you heard simple question like: (What’s that?  Why? How? When? Where?)  Little minds are very curious.  If they are not taught or exposed to vocabulary how can we expect them to succeed.

       READ WITH YOUR CHILD EVERY DAY  !!!         001


Engaging young children in as much conversation as possible helps in vocabulary exposure.  Make or buy picture flash cards of different objects to play vocabulary games with your children.  When you are driving in a car with your young children, talk about what everyone sees along the ride. Simple word games like,  I spy with my eye, keeps young children talking and examining their environment.  Make learning “Words” fun!

Blessings until next time!


Mrs. Good Choice says,”Character Counts!’


As you begin the school year, I realize there are so many things to teach.  One of the most important things to remember is to incorporate positive character traits into your lessons when possible.  In today’s busy world, so many children are not taught the life lasting things that matter most.

Children need to know the importance of learning Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Compassion and much more. I believe early intervention is the key to unlocking a more productive society.  Each of us are responsible for our own actions and consequences.  When children can identify right from wrong at an early age, it can help them to continue on a positive life path.

Looking for lessons to help teach character?  The Mrs. Good Choice Series by Dawn Young is a great place to start.  Each book is designed with characters that foster positive character traits.  Visit or

Mrs. Good Choice is also available for personal appearances, schools, churches, parent groups and much more.  Contact her at or 615-429-0448

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Mrs. Good Choice says, “Build Relationships”


     Before you can teach a child, they need to know you care.  Building Positive Relationships is crucial.  It is very important to learn about each student on an individual basis.  Every child is unique in his or her own way.  There are many ways to find out about your students.

     Create a student survey that includes student’s likes and dislikes.  Ask about their interests and hobbies, who they like to hang out with, where do they feel the safest, and  how they like to be rewarded.  Younger children may not be able to write their answers.  Hold little friendly chat sessions with each child individually.  Have a check list available for notes for future reference.

     Allow older children to tell how they learn best. (individually, with a partner, in groups)  Ask where they prefer sitting in their learning environment. (front of room, back of room, in a group, or by themselves, do they prefer lots of light, or dim lighting)  Finding out the answers to some of these questions may unlock a whole lot of doors before you even begin the process of teaching.

     The key is to teach each child the Love of Learning and to Keep a Positive Attitude!  Looking for a great book to stress positive attitude? 

 Amelia’s Agreeable Attitude is Book one in the Mrs. Good Choice Series.  It can be found on www.

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Advice from Mrs. Good Choice


Parents, with school getting ready to start, now is the time to begin getting your children back on a daily schedule.  By schedule I mean specific wake up and bed times.  Many children come to school sleepy and unable to perform at their highest level because of poor sleep patterns.

Another way to prepare for the school year is to have a designated place at your house for homework and studying.  It is important to use thesame place each day. Homework can be completed at your kitchen table, a tv tray, a small desk or table purchased at  a garage sale.

Routines are helpful in keeping high expectations for your child.  Keep the same time set for homework or review time each day.  It can be as short as only 20 minutes.  If nothing else, read to your child or allow them to read to you each day. Children need to be exposed to as much vocabulary as possible.

Blessings until next time!



Dawn Young

Dawn Young

Mrs. Good Choice says, “Always be Consistant”


      As you are beginning to think about the new school year, many thoughts are running through your mind.  How do I set up my classroom and what am I going to teach on the first day of school?  It doesn’t matter if you teach in a public or private school or if you are a home school parent, we all think about getting off to a great start.   When I was a student, teacher, or principal, I remember never being able to sleep the night before school started.  The excitement and anticipation was beyond describable.

     From all of my years in education, I have learned many important things.  The best advice I can give you is to teach your children the meaning of your rules and expectations.  Take the time to model for them. Show them the right way and the wrong way to complete the expectation.

     Always be CONSISTANT!  Say what you mean………and mean what you say.  Children learn quickly and know when stong bounderies are and are not set.  As an adult, I know I like knowing what is expected of me.  Early intervention is the key. Teaching children to follow rules and make good choices early helps get their school year started in a positive way.

     Are you looking for a great book to read to your children the first week of school?  The ABC’s of Making Good Choices is a rhyming book that teaches children positive character traits.  Email me and I will send you a hand-out of higher order thinking questions and activities to use with the book.

Blessings until the next time!   ABC_Cover

Mrs. Good Choice’s New Blog



Now that summer vacation is beginning to come to a close, it is time to get back into the mind set of learning and “Making Good Choices”. Are you looking for help in teaching your young children to do the right thing?  Then you came to the right place.

Todays’s World is so full of choices for our younger generation.   My goal is to give adults and children advice and tools to help you learn the importance of doing the right thing.

Who am I to give advice….you may ask?  Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dawn Young.I am a retired educator of twenty-eight years.  Through out  my career, I have served as a teacher, elementary principal, and teacher improvement coordinator.   My greatest passion is teaching children the importance of “Making Good Choices” and the consequences that can happen when this doesn’t happen.

I received my Education Specialist Degree in 2004.  My study at that time was Character Education.  It continues to be my focus and passion now that I have become a children’s author.

Please feel free to ask questions……….NO Question is a DUMB Question!  It is how we all learn.

Until Next TIME646