💛Mrs. Good Choice💛 Shares Another Great Picture Book💛

Twas the Night Before Christmas A First for Gus written by Sherry Roberts. Illustrated by Dylan Hale.

Such a sweet story of a sweet basset hound that lives at a shelter. It’s the night before Christmas and Gus can’t sleep. He longs for a home of his own. Suddenly he hears a loud noise and looks outside to find Santa Claus. As they ride off into the night sky together Gus has no idea what surprises their trip will bring.

Dreams can really come true … even for a sweet basset hound.💛

The perfect Christmas gift for children ages 4-10.

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Parnassus Books.

Blessings Until Next Time

Dawn Young, Children’s Author

💛Mrs. Good Choice💛enters 2021 Fall Writing Frenzy Contest

Thank you Kaitlyn Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you also to the generous donators of prizes.

Each writer must choose a photo from the Fall Writing Frenzy site that inspires them. Then write 200 words or less entry about the picture. I am sharing my entry with all of you. Fingers crossed!💛

Dawn Young / 197 words / BROTHERLY LOVE

Ian loved his three brothers. But he loved practicing his trumpet more. He practiced winter, spring, summer, and fall. His brother, Adam was his biggest fan. Where ever Ian went Adam followed. Hunter and Elliot tried to avoid the loud trumpet noise. It was impossible! Ian serenaded his family before breakfast.  He practiced in the bathroom. Mom said, “Absolutely not!” He practiced in the car, Dad said, “Absolutely not!” He practiced his trumpet from his top bunk. No one could sleep! When Ian played one note, Hunter and Elliot buried their heads under pillows. Adam watched his hero and smiled. One morning Dad called a family meeting. “Ian, your brothers, Mom and I love you very much. We are so proud of the way you have committed to practicing your trumpet. But it is time to make a change.” Ian’s top lip began to quiver. What was Dad saying?   “We have decided there will be no more trumpet practice in the house,” said Mom. Ian’s eyes began to water. “We are turning our treehouse into a music studio,” said Hunter. “Just for you,” said Elliot. “Thanks,” Ian whispered. “I want to play drums,” said Adam. Everyone laughed.

Blessings Until Next Time,

Dawn Young, Children’s Author