Mrs. Good Choice says RESPECT Matters!

Mrs. Good Choice is a former public school principal who has spent her life teaching children to make wise choices.

She wants to help YOU!


Parents and teachers, you have the biggest impact of changing our world.  You are preparing the next generation of our workforce, educators, doctors, lawyers, religious figures, leaders, moms, and dads.  Think of a world full of people who RESPECT one another. You can help make that happen.

The key is to teach children from the time they are toddlers the meaning of RESPECT. Teach children the meaning of the word itself. Let them know that respect is being aware of others, who they are, and that they are admired. Ask your children who or what they respect and make them give you the reasons why.  Discuss it on a daily basis.  Praise your children when you see them showing respect.

 Our job is to model, model, and model.  Children are very perceptive.  They watch and learn at such a quick rate.  When they see you being respectful to everyone you have inner action with, they will try to do the same. Being a parent and teacher in today’s world is the hardest job you will ever work!  But it also is the most rewarding. 

Thank you for all that you do!  With your help, our world can become a more RESPECTFUL place.

Blessings until next time!

Children’s Author   

Dawn Young  Children's Author

Dawn Young

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