Mrs. Good Choice says, “Expose your young children to as much vocabulary as possible.”




Research shows that many school age children enter school today without the early learning skills they need.  According to Children’s Defense Fund, children from low income households enter school with one -fourth the vocabulary of  students from  middle class households.  By the time a child of middle class enters first grade they are exposed to about a 20,000 word vocabulary.  Low income students about 5,000 vocabulary word exposure.  Quite a difference.

As parents and educators it is our job to teach vocabulary in every lesson we teach children.  That is how children learn.  How many times have you heard simple question like: (What’s that?  Why? How? When? Where?)  Little minds are very curious.  If they are not taught or exposed to vocabulary how can we expect them to succeed.

       READ WITH YOUR CHILD EVERY DAY  !!!         001


Engaging young children in as much conversation as possible helps in vocabulary exposure.  Make or buy picture flash cards of different objects to play vocabulary games with your children.  When you are driving in a car with your young children, talk about what everyone sees along the ride. Simple word games like,  I spy with my eye, keeps young children talking and examining their environment.  Make learning “Words” fun!

Blessings until next time!


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