Mrs. Good Choice says, “Build Relationships”


     Before you can teach a child, they need to know you care.  Building Positive Relationships is crucial.  It is very important to learn about each student on an individual basis.  Every child is unique in his or her own way.  There are many ways to find out about your students.

     Create a student survey that includes student’s likes and dislikes.  Ask about their interests and hobbies, who they like to hang out with, where do they feel the safest, and  how they like to be rewarded.  Younger children may not be able to write their answers.  Hold little friendly chat sessions with each child individually.  Have a check list available for notes for future reference.

     Allow older children to tell how they learn best. (individually, with a partner, in groups)  Ask where they prefer sitting in their learning environment. (front of room, back of room, in a group, or by themselves, do they prefer lots of light, or dim lighting)  Finding out the answers to some of these questions may unlock a whole lot of doors before you even begin the process of teaching.

     The key is to teach each child the Love of Learning and to Keep a Positive Attitude!  Looking for a great book to stress positive attitude? 

 Amelia’s Agreeable Attitude is Book one in the Mrs. Good Choice Series.  It can be found on www.

Blessings until next time!


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