Advice from Mrs. Good Choice


Parents, with school getting ready to start, now is the time to begin getting your children back on a daily schedule.  By schedule I mean specific wake up and bed times.  Many children come to school sleepy and unable to perform at their highest level because of poor sleep patterns.

Another way to prepare for the school year is to have a designated place at your house for homework and studying.  It is important to use thesame place each day. Homework can be completed at your kitchen table, a tv tray, a small desk or table purchased at  a garage sale.

Routines are helpful in keeping high expectations for your child.  Keep the same time set for homework or review time each day.  It can be as short as only 20 minutes.  If nothing else, read to your child or allow them to read to you each day. Children need to be exposed to as much vocabulary as possible.

Blessings until next time!



Dawn Young

Dawn Young

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